Souls in the Sand: Stories of Setbacks, Surviving, Stepping and Soaring, is a collaboration of courageous women of faith who have journeyed through life’s most challenging seasons and have discovered strength, healing, and a greater purpose beyond their comprehension. These women have chosen to share a part of their story and their heart with you with one intention:  To inspire you, encourage you, and reassure you that you are not alone in the journey called life.

The sky is blue, the sand is soft, there’s a warm salty sea breeze blowing. Come join us. We have pulled up a chair for you.

I know that I am one of thousands and thousands that has gone through some type of abuse. Whether it be verbal, emotional or physical…I was not alone. I had shared my story personally with close friends but knew I wanted to help anyone I could with my experience so when I was approached to write about it in this book, I was overjoyed. My journey is just beginning and I pray that wherever you are in your journey…not started, just begun or traveling, you will find the “I AM” within you and start writing new stories in your mind and heart.